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Ultimate Tipbot


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0.054037 WETH
Mkt Cap$63K
Pair created1mo 22d ago
Pooled ULTIMATEBOT1,978,498$12K
Pooled WETH7.98$12K
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Ultimate Tipbot

What is the project about? ULTIMATEBOT token is the heart of an interconnected network of Telegram bots (TipBots / UtilityBots / TaskBots) that we've been building for almost 3 years now as volunteers with the help of our team. We partnered with good crypto projects and our Tipbot system has almost 40 thousand users spread across their groups and ours with more soon thanks to new listings and further expansion... What makes your project unique? We offer our partners services such as listing in our system, Tipbots for their use, Branded-Tipbots, usage of our TaskBot system and even completely custom work. They can also advertise their project in our Tipbot group once their project is listed... History of your project. Soon also custom AI help-bots pretrained for their project - a bot which can understand and answer questions as well as a person. Together with our partners we are sharing crypto with our users from around the world (that's where the 40k number comes from), to help them enter the world of crypto easily with low barrier of entry - only a Telegram account is required. This way our users can learn by using crypto and asking for help (or reading our messages with explanations) and bring more people in. Users can trade in our Exchange group. They also earn coins from our partners via a task-system. We have been building this for over 2.5 years by now. The token is the heart of this platform. Hope this helps. What’s next for your project? Tipbots will be able to be added to any group, a token ad will appear in groups and can be disabled by holding tokens ➖️ Buy notifications for Help Bot (removing the need for @buytech), an ad to our token will appear in groups and can be disabled by holding tokens ➖️ Settings and filters for Help Bot (removing the need for bots like @MissRose_bot), Help Bot also keeps track of active users for the tipbots to rain on ➖️ Supply command for Help Bot which will show burns and supply left ➖️ Chart graph image for chart filter ➖️ AI Bot & Text to Image Bot ➖️ Buybacks and token burns 🔥 ➖️ Marketing tomorrow starting the week with a 💣, priority is utility right now since it's the weekend. Our goal is to provide everything necessary for groups (prioritizing tokens), replacing popular bots like @MissRose_bot and @buytech, and slowly get into the token marketing space! Not just on Telegram, but on multiple platforms such as Discord. We will also have our own version of ETH Trending, ads through bots, engagements via rewards for socials, etc. This is a long term project that intends to grow a huge community and dominate the bot space, make crypto accessible to anyone and help people by providing a low entry barrier to crypto!

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