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PLAY THE GAME AND EARN SOL! KILLATRUMP (LANDLORD KILLER) dominates the Solana scene, inspired by the legendary Donald Trump. He’s turned the tables on Ronald, the former richest Landlord, making him a tenant. Brett, Pepe, Andy, and Landwolf now follow LandTrump’s rules, and the wild parties have morphed into disciplined deals and innovations. Neighbors who once complained about chaos now grudgingly respect the order. Doogle, desperate to join the elite, seizes his chance under LandTrump. Steve, Ronald’s troublesome stepson and local drug dealer, sees his empire crushed, forcing a new path. Yet, LandTrump faces fierce rivals: crypto titans Biden and Obama, each vying for control. LANDLORD KILLER'S vision is bold: elevate Solana’s memecoins to new heights. He rallies landlords with a clear call to action: “Together, we’ll forge a prosperous and united Solana crypto community. Let’s outshine the competition and make Solana the ultimate destination for digital assets.” Under LandTrump, Solana is set for a new era of growth and innovation

87.9%441.45 SOL
134 txns/$36K vol

Simply a cat in a banana suit. Over 16 million views on YouTube!

86.5%434.5 SOL
531 txns/$41K vol

FROPPIES are a family of alien frogs going for the moon! No snipes, organic and ready to go HIGH!

75.6%381.36 SOL
1,225 txns/$113K vol

$GIZMO, pampered pet of Ronald, richest landlord on Solana. Not a normal cat; he's a good luck charm wrapped in designer fur.

72.0%364.32 SOL
78 txns/$22K vol

mine to play with memefi mechanism

75.4%378.43 SOL
45 txns/$1K vol
TOPGTTop G Tristan

👊 Tristan Tate The Top G 🌕

50.4%259.29 SOL
201 txns/$24K vol
REGARDRegard Coin

📈 Fueling the fire of inspiration with stories of crypto escapades 🕰️ From rug pulls to government takedowns, we chronicle the epic tales of triumph and glory. 🚀 Be immortal - tell your story. 🔥

65.5%329.78 SOL
19 txns/$738 vol

Welcome to MOMALA Token! MOMALA Token is a unique crypto meme token inspired by Vice President Kamala Harris, affectionately nicknamed "Momala" by her stepchildren. This token combines the fun of meme culture with the stability of diamond-backed cryptocurrency. Join us in celebrating Kamala Harris's inspiring journey and become part of a joyful, secure, and engaging community

61.2%308.27 SOL
38 txns/$2K vol
B+Fang Frens

Konnichiwa, minna-san~! Welcome to Fang Frens, where we make crypto kawaii and free of garlic! 🦇✨ Trade with us only under the full moon to avoid garlic breath! 🌕 We love crypto and bats, so let's soar to the moon together with Fang Frens! 🚀💰 Invest in us for a purr-fectly delightful experience! Nyaa~ 😸 Embrace the power of blockchain and join our crypto clan where every trade is a kawaii adventure! 🧄🚫 Moonlit trades only—leave the garlic at home! 😡🚫 Grrr~ 💢🌟 We always welcome new blood! 🩸🩸🩸

52.2%264.12 SOL
121 txns/$19K vol
IKBInternational Klein Blue 🟦

Join the blue revolution. The world's first modern art meme token.

59.9%302.03 SOL
6 txns/$99 vol
besheerandy besheer

I em teh governer of Kentooky an fuchur VP alongside Kamala Horris.

44.4%230.01 SOL
47 txns/$9K vol
TEMITemi The Talented Thrush

Temi is the no.1 recording artist on Solana. He can rap, sing, dance & writes all of his own songs.

50.9%257.29 SOL
27 txns/$3K vol

WE ARE THE ORIGINAL LANDLORD PEIPEI ON MOONSHOT! Doxxed Dev, No Rugs no BS!!! Raydium we are coming! Introducing LANDLORD PEIPEI, the ultimate meme token inspired by the legendary Pepe the Frog and Landlord Ronald. LANDLORD PEIPEI is a distinguished Landlord from beloved China. He got red skin, a traditional white Chinese beard, and white hair, symbolizing wealth and authority. Join us as we explore the whimsical world of LANDLORD PEIPEI, where memes meet prosperity. Edit. : He only takes chinese YUAN!

36.3%190.34 SOL
318 txns/$35K vol
APOMeme Apocalypse

😂 First you laugh at memes... 💵 Then you invest in memes... 🙇‍♂️ Then you worship memes!

54.2%273.74 SOL
12 txns/$1K vol
IWNKMMatrix Attack

MATRIX ATTACK.... First and foremost I WILL NEVER K*LL MYSELF. With that said this memecoin $IWNKM was made to hold in ones wallet letting everyone know if you go on a permanent vacation it wasnt by choice. Second this is for all of those individuals out there working hard to escape the matrix. Escape, HODL

55.0%277.49 SOL
17 txns/$689 vol

"$CPI to the Moon! 🚀 Whether it's Sleepy Joe or The Donald, this meme coin is PUMPED for the 2024 election. Don't get REKT by the polls, join the $CPI party!

48.4%249.12 SOL
41 txns/$1K vol

You can shop almost all of this world only time you can’t shop until today! ⏱️ Shop now your time and spend it after for saving Time, because this is what we want. But us in your watchlist and you will see us growing step by step 🤝💯 TAKE YOUR TIME

48.3%244.68 SOL
85 txns/$13K vol

Introducing $MILLE, the meme coin on a mission to put a Richard Mille on YOUR wrist! ⌚️ Forget Lambos! Forget the Moon! $MILLE is all about luxury, exclusivity, and rocking a timepiece that'll turn heads. This ain't your average meme coin. This is for those who want to stack gains in style. $MILLE isn't just a meme, it's a movement. A movement for those who are tired of the ordinary and ready to flex some real horological muscle 💪🏼

52.6%265.75 SOL
1 txns/$15 vol

The color pink. Posting EVERY day until we become the top meme coin on Solana. #teampink

40.2%209.25 SOL
173 txns/$12K vol

Y U NO - BUY some Y U NO GUY, he's back to guide! From basics to mooning, take it in stride!

46.5%235.75 SOL
11 txns/$741 vol

Gran Wif HAT is Gangsta and she is coming for you!

38.8%197.5 SOL
71 txns/$17K vol

Hi, my name is Sadboba and I’m in a bad mood because no one has managed to push a successful meme token from a moonshot to millions in market cap. I want to change that with you, so this will be a very fair meme coin with the goal of becoming very, very big. So fill your bags and let’s embark on this journey together.

24.5%126.84 SOL
349 txns/$48K vol

$BAROK is on Solana Now, Join THE REVOLUTION ❤️‍🔥 Feed and take care of BAROK BARK, and watch it grow to high⚡

43.6%226.21 SOL
124 txns/$9K vol

Spread the Love! The official token of EV Decker, world's second sexiest author. Soon it will be the official currency of online adult content sales on the LoveEV online store and on the platforms of many of the other creators of your guilty pleasures.

38.6%196.38 SOL
44 txns/$3K vol


40.8%212.24 SOL
24 txns/$1K vol

For the Bold Holders. Embrace the thrill of high-risk, high-reward investing with a community that values holding over selling. Maximize your gains by staying strong.

42.6%216.55 SOL
3 txns/$176 vol

Unique avatars, strong community, 100x potential.

42.1%213.9 SOL
2 txns/$25 vol

The cutest Samoyed on Solana!

41.2%209.46 SOL
1 txns/$6.35 vol

For the Bold Holders. Embrace the thrill of high-risk, high-reward investing with a community that values holding over selling. Maximize your gains by staying strong.

40.6%206.67 SOL
2 txns/$24 vol

CTGB Community Token 🚀

32.9%173.92 SOL
45 txns/$7K vol

Get in $LTC or watch us from Earth, folks.

39.5%201.31 SOL
6 txns/$252 vol

COSTCO $CHIX ON SOL The most memeable chicken with recession proof price.

38.3%195.01 SOL
5 txns/$2K vol

Feeling overwhelmed by trading? Take a break and visit $DEALER for ultimate relaxation.

20.1%111.6 SOL
248 txns/$18K vol

Trump's Banaid

33.1%169.52 SOL
27 txns/$831 vol

MelaCoin is a decentralized digital currency designed to empower and support communities of color. By leveraging the high performance and low transaction costs of the Solana blockchain, MelaCoin provides greater financial inclusion, investment opportunities, and social impact funding. Our vision is a world where financial tools are accessible to all, reducing economic disparity and promoting wealth growth in underrepresented communities.

37.4%190.81 SOL
8 txns/$949 vol

PLAY THE GAME AND EARN SOL! KILLATRUMP (LANDLORD KILLER) dominates the Solana scene, inspired by the legendary Donald Trump. He’s turned the tables on Ronald, the former richest Landlord, making him a tenant. Brett, Pepe, Andy, and Landwolf now follow LandTrump’s rules, and the wild parties have morphed into disciplined deals and innovations. Neighbors who once complained about chaos now grudgingly respect the order. Doogle, desperate to join the elite, seizes his chance under LandTrump. Steve, Ronald’s troublesome stepson and local drug dealer, sees his empire crushed, forcing a new path. Yet, LandTrump faces fierce rivals: crypto titans Biden and Obama, each vying for control. LANDLORD KILLER'S vision is bold: elevate Solana’s memecoins to new heights. He rallies landlords with a clear call to action: “Together, we’ll forge a prosperous and united Solana crypto community. Let’s outshine the competition and make Solana the ultimate destination for digital assets.” Under LandTrump, Solana is set for a new era of growth and innovation

9.6%60.88 SOL
70 txns/$66K vol

Chewy, Inc. is an American online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products based in Plantation, Florida. Chewy went public in 2019 with the ticker symbol CHWY on the New York Stock Exchange.

36.4%185.52 SOL
6 txns/$96 vol
CHADChad Trump

Definition of a Chad. Cannot relate to normies, incredibly pro-crypto and simply unbeatable.

35.1%179.2 SOL
34 txns/$2K vol

$FLATTY is a unique cryptocurrency project centered around the theme of conspiracy theories, specifically the flat earth theory, and aims to support animal welfare by donating to cat shelters across the flat earth. The project combines humor, community engagement, and charitable contributions to create a vibrant and supportive ecosystem.

35.0%178.72 SOL
6 txns/$228 vol

milly to million

24.0%130.51 SOL
50 txns/$5K vol

Your Future President. Trump 2024 on Moonshot. $MLGTRUMP is an innovative memecoin on the Solana blockchain that was launched on June 24th, 2024. Besides being a memecoin, $MLGTRUMP utilizes the extensive network of its founder, The DeFi Prince, and will possess many upcoming utilities such as staking, giveaways and partnerships. Join our vibrant community and let’s Make America Great Again! 😎

33.0%168.76 SOL
4 txns/$62 vol

Do not invest any money without fully understanding the project. All details can be found on the company website by following the link. You must watch the video as only then will the details of the project become clear. If after after reading the content on my website and also watching the video, for some reason the project is still not clear to you then please re-watch the video until it is.

35.1%179.11 SOL
0 txns
SALTTAiSam Altman Ai Token

Introducing SaltT AI : The Sam Altman Token! SaltT AI is a fun crypto meme coin celebrating Sam Altman's visionary impact on AI. His leadership has transformed AI from a dream into reality, making groundbreaking advancements accessible to all. Celebrate with SaltT AI and add some flavor to your crypto portfolio!

28.1%144.8 SOL
6 txns/$13 vol
JUSHJush Sheparo

I'm gunna beat trump for sure... I don't have covid

25.7%138.95 SOL
60 txns/$12K vol
MaMawJD MaMaw

JD's MaMaw raised me and him... She will raise you too!

23.4%127.56 SOL
1,678 txns/$16K vol


34.0%173.9 SOL
0 txns

WE ARE $FUKT - NO tg, discord, twitter, website or any of that B.S. WHY? because WE ARE $FUKT this whole space is $FUKT, the market is $FUKT, our lives are $FUKT and the whole world is $FUKT and one more thing, JEETS GET $FUKT - STAY AWAY!!! this one is for the OG's

32.6%166.88 SOL
0 txns

Welcome to $CRAYON 🖍️ Breaking down Crypto for Muggles in CRAYON speak! 🖍️

32.1%164.41 SOL
2 txns/$764 vol

🔥 $CRITZ - Critters Gone Mad 🔥 💥 A banger critter meme on Solana 🔥 The Menagerie of Critters 🔫🦁 🗓️ Launch Date: July 18, 2024 💪 Strong marketing/branding team 😎 Doxxed Dev 🖌️ All original art by Jon Maxx 🤳 Instagram Virality ✅ Plenty of Art to share ✅ Burnt LP ✅ Community-First ✅ Marketing + CEX Budget ✅ More to come 👀 NFT Incentive for early HODLRs

23.1%126.34 SOL
111 txns/$10K vol
MJMoon Jumper

Blast off with MoonJumper ($MJ) and meme your way to the moon!

28.1%144.89 SOL
1 txns/$161 vol

$STABBY is ready to conquer the Solana chain! Let's start a TREND! DM me your Twitter profile pic for a knife in your head! We're a solid, long-term project, so Jeets, keep your distance! Creating a multi-chain memecoin movie is our ultimate GOAL! 🎬

27.4%141.45 SOL
3 txns/$79 vol
MALAMake Argentina Libertarian Again

Introducing $MALA (Make Argentina Libertarian Again), the memecoin inspired by the fiery spirit of freedom and economic empowerment. MALA is not just a token, it’s a movement! Inspired by the bold ideas of Javier Milei, we’re here to champion economic freedom and advocate for free market policies. But that’s not all! We’re also committed to making a difference by supporting social causes like improving the lives of stray dogs in Argentina. 🐾

30.9%158.6 SOL
14 txns/$606 vol

The May0r of Solana

28.5%146.57 SOL
9 txns/$2K vol

Biafra, officially the Republic of Biafra, was a partially recognized state in West Africa that declared independence from Nigeria and existed from 1967 until 1970. Its territory consisted of the former Eastern Region of Nigeria, predominantly inhabited by the Igbo ethnic group.

29.7%152.57 SOL
0 txns

FEFE follows along his friends in the “Mindviscosity” universe by Matt Furie. His free spirit and adventurous nature prove to be an inspiration for all of his friends.

18.8%105.65 SOL
23 txns/$1K vol

Hi I'm Dexter hoot hoot! I'm the (first) unofficial mascot for dexscreener!

28.7%147.46 SOL
0 txns
GORDITAVenus La Perra

Hey Love, My name is Venus, But I prefer Gordita Im a 6 year old female Frenchie from Colombia 🇨🇴 in the US! I like the good stuff like getting my back rubbed, going out for great food and lots of fluffy or squeaky stuff! Venus, Tu tipica perra! 😘❤️🐾🦴🍑

29.2%150.03 SOL
0 txns

First WEB platform in Solana designed to empower the future of entrepreneurs, investors and businesses in Web3. On the mission to provide WEBS to everyone in Solana! Join this adventure and grab your WEBS.

21.0%116.02 SOL
115 txns/$13K vol
CITYSWAGGCityswagger Jack

wake up early, overdue payments, bad food, ugly women?... Jack doesn't give a shit, he has a yacht, a helicopter, a luxury apartment... and he fucks LANDLORD's sister

5.3%39.66 SOL
843 txns/$96K vol
LokiLoki the Black Cat

Loki is an original art that i created with the love for My Cute Cat Loki. Its an Original illustration of the cute things he does and love. Of course you don't have to buy but it is just something that I love and I will be here till the end. This isn't a meme its an art.

7.1%48.33 SOL
345 txns/$39K vol

A memecoin made for the people. Bingga kid lion astronaut is now a decentralized community-​driven crypto adventure. "I've tried to make everything as ​decentralized as possible. Thus, I ​have no control. And I believe that's ​where this piece's beauty originated. ​I'm not in charge of things, so it kind ​of blew out. Everyone else is thinking ​about ways to do things and putting ​them into practice far more skillfully ​than I could." With the wind at our back and a strong momentum, Astronaut Loin is poised to launch into the top 5 meme coins. The world is now watching you future millionaires✊

24.8%128.44 SOL
9 txns/$402 vol
FCATSFat Cats Club

Fat Cats welcomes you to the Club. Become a Fat Cat of Fortune as we journey towards prosperity and the CAT Revolution.

27.2%140.46 SOL
1 txns/$79 vol
stayinstaying in tonight

never leave the computer

27.5%141.81 SOL
0 txns

$TOM is a Solana meme community token inspired by the legendary Tom Anderson, the OG founder of Myspace, also known as "Lord Flathead." We're here to create a fun, inclusive space for all the crypto degenerates and meme enthusiasts.

23.5%122.16 SOL
41 txns/$1K vol
GOTBITGotbit Hedge Fund

Performance Focused Market Making by the Hedge Fund || From 1M to 1B Market Cap || Team you want to hire for your token to kill a few ZEROs

27.2%140.46 SOL
2 txns/$24 vol

Many senior Biden officials believe he must drop out as he becomes increasingly isolated

18.1%101.92 SOL
27 txns/$1K vol

BabyOrc is community focused meme coin on the BASE Blockchain. Let’s grow the little BabyOrc together

17.7%99.84 SOL
14 txns/$1K vol
COOKIEThe Cookie Jar

Other MemeCoins don't have what it takes to get to the top. Reach in the $COOKIE Jar and stay hard, all the way to the moon"

25.4%137.29 SOL
55 txns/$3K vol

Wikipedia is a free content online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers, known as Wikipedians, through open collaboration and the wiki software MediaWiki. Wikipedia is the largest and most-read reference work in history,and is consistently ranked among the ten most visited websites; as of May 2024, it was ranked fifth by Semrush, and sixth by Similarweb. Founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on January 15, 2001, Wikipedia has been hosted since 2003 by the Wikimedia Foundation, an American nonprofit organization funded mainly by donations from readers.

22.0%114.33 SOL
2 txns/$76 vol

Introducing NINETAIL: The Future of Playful Finance 🦊 Welcome to the world of NINETAIL, where meme meets crypto in the most delightful way possible! 🌟 What is NINETAIL? NINETAIL isn't just another token – it's a community-driven experiment in fun and financial innovation. Inspired by the mischievous nature of foxes and the limitless creativity of memes, NINETAIL aims to bring joy and excitement to the crypto world. Key Features: 🚀 Community-Driven: Every decision, from tokenomics to future developments, is guided by our vibrant community. 🎨 Meme Power: Harnessing the viral nature of memes to spread awareness and adoption. 💰 Deflationary Mechanics: Built-in token burns and redistribution mechanisms ensure scarcity and reward holders. Why NINETAIL? 🔥 Join a passionate community united by a love for memes and crypto. 🌐 Explore endless possibilities as we push the boundaries of what's possible in decentralized finance. 📈 Potential for growth and rewards as the project evolves and gains traction. Get Involved: Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast or simply love a good meme, NINETAIL welcomes you to join our journey. Together, we're redefining what it means to have fun with finance. Connect with Us: 🌐 Website: 🐦 Twitter: 📱 Telegram: Disclaimer: Remember, NINETAIL is first and foremost about fun and community spirit. While we strive for success, always do your own research and invest responsibly. Ready to unleash the fox within? Jump into the world of NINETAIL today!

25.4%131.5 SOL
1 txns/$22 vol

Take your $Time, drink some $Water and get yourself a fresh $Beer

23.8%129.61 SOL
50 txns/$5K vol
PIPi Network Token

Pi — Cryptocurrency for everyday people fuelling the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer economy. Download our app to start mining Pi today. It really is as easy as mining from your phone. Full 55million strong, 11.5m KYC'd users all the community using the in app chat. See you there.

25.0%129.46 SOL
11 txns/$52 vol

Welcome to Astrolert 🚀! Astrolert is a utility Telegram bot designed to help you effortlessly track and get notified of your favorite tokens' progress on Moonshot, without having to monitor each one individually. With over 40,000 total pairs on Moonshot as of this writing, it's impossible to keep track of everything on your own. How can you filter out the noise and get to the alpha launches you care about? With our bot, you can!

24.2%125.41 SOL
4 txns/$1K vol

Welcome to Deplorabulls $1776, an innovative token and NFT project on Solana! Our roadmap ensures the successful launch and growth of our $1776 Token and NFT collection, leading to a unique merchandise store. Join the revolution!

23.7%122.7 SOL
0 txns

That's a wholottuva MALARKEY

24.9%129.05 SOL
0 txns

BeatCoin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency designed exclusively for the music industry. It aims to transform the way fans, artists, and industry stakeholders interact and transact by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. With BeatCoin, the music industry can achieve a new level of transparency, efficiency, and security in financial transactions. BeatCoin envisions a future where the music industry is more transparent, equitable, and innovative. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, BeatCoin aims to empower artists, delight fans, and streamline transactions across the music ecosystem. Join the BeatCoin revolution and be a part of the future of music!

24.9%128.71 SOL
2 txns/$133 vol
$RUFY$Rufus Barkley

Welcome to the World of RUFY, are you tired of scam coins and rug pulls, The World of RUFUS BARKLEY is a new project that has a unique character that is RUFUS BARKLEY who lives the average life of the average Joe and makes it big in crypto, because of Tate and his friends. Check out: (web) for more art. The coin has no utility, but super cool features coming soon -More animations and drawings of RUFY -Reward system in the future for holding RUFY coins -Reveal milestones, when RUFY coins reaches 1m market cap we reveal his dog, when we reach 5m his brother and 10m his girlfriend Telegram and Web ready, Moontok, Dexscreener and Dextools coming as soon

23.8%129.87 SOL
13 txns/$2K vol

$WOLFY is the strongest and most ripped animal in the memecoin space. Looking for a memecoin that's more than just a flash in the pan? Look no further than WolfLana! We're not promising overnight success or skyrocketing gains. Instead, we're here for the long haul, steadily building value and fostering a community that's as strong as it is dedicated.

22.7%117.94 SOL
8 txns/$391 vol

In the heart of Solana's blockchain, a digital weasel named Mimi scurried among nodes, debugging glitches and safeguarding transactions with swift, cunning code.

14.2%83.16 SOL
32 txns/$1K vol

This is a community coin.🚀

23.3%127.06 SOL
23 txns/$3K vol

Pump and dump until your heart is content but Mr Bojangles pledges to invest 1 Sol a day until $ASADTRIP Moonshots to Raydium...

24.6%127.23 SOL
1 txns/$159 vol

#NinjaDog ($NJD) NinjaDog is ready to conquer the digital currency world. one stealthy step at a time.🟢🟢🟢🟢

23.7%122.97 SOL
13 txns/$161 vol

who would miss this pepe pig?

2.3%25.38 SOL
228 txns/$54K vol

The god is back. Nigga I'm not Jesus but you can call me Yeesus Wast Website: Twitter: Telegram:

24.0%124.5 SOL
0 txns

🐹 Hamster Coin - The Asset of the Future! From a beloved character on Telegram, the playful Hamster has inspired Hamster Coin. Get ready for our golden Hamster to lead you to new heights in the cryptocurrency world. Investing in Hamster Coin is investing in your future. Join the meme coin revolution—our Hamster will guide you to the peaks of profit! Don't just be a player, be a winner with Hamster Coin! We invite you to join this journey on Platform X, Telegram, and dexscreener, where each transaction brings profit and good fortune. 🐹 🚀

23.1%120.18 SOL
2 txns/$28 vol
FKEDWell I'm Fked

Since We Love $WIF So much... We decided to revamp it and try once more. We just love getting FKED! SO we bring to you, a new and improved... "Well I'm Fucked" Come join this community of F*CKS and get F*CKED

4.1%33.89 SOL
375 txns/$67K vol
PEPINDIndian Pepe

Pepe🐸 but Indian🇮🇳. The Sultan of meme coins $PEPIND is ready to be the richest meme listed from Moonshot! Check our Twitter&TG for more !

16.5%94.06 SOL
38 txns/$1K vol

Bricks ($Bricks) - The First Bricks Memecoin Bricks ($Bricks) is the pioneering Bricks Memecoin, bringing together the power of community and the humor of meme culture to achieve great things. As the first of its kind, $Bricks aims to unite the creativity and passion of the crypto community to create something unique and valuable. Join us in this exciting journey to innovate and have fun while revolutionizing the crypto market. Together, we can build the future of memecoins!

22.4%116.57 SOL
11 txns/$744 vol
BelfieDog Wif Bag

Belfie the meme dog wif bag.

22.5%116.98 SOL
1 txns/$31 vol

Did you know that in 2003, Vladimir Putin considered suing Warner Bros. because he felt he looked like Dobby from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? With DobbyMir, we're embracing that uncanny resemblance to spread humor and highlight the power of freedom. Just as Dobby was set free with a sock, DobbyMir empowers you to break free from the mundane with the magic of blockchain and community. Join us and be part of the fun!

14.0%74.84 SOL
93 txns/$4K vol
SFWSo Fuckin What

Let’s see what happens. WHO cares, WHO gives a shit. No dev, only a creator as a sort of social experiment. Nothing behind the project. So fucking what, who gives a flying fuck. Every other tokens shite too, they just have shitty pictures.

22.8%118.43 SOL
0 txns

Hi i am a token that is trying to do it for the community were every one is sick of been rugged by devs by cto teams that do not have peoples best intentions in place so iv started this coin to be taken over by the community from launch on dexscreener i will pass over telegram group to the community straight away.only very small fraction of coins been sold.

22.0%114.31 SOL
43 txns/$733 vol

The Trump train continues, even after being shot today he still stands strong!

22.7%118.21 SOL
0 txns

In short 💎 CTO ❤️🌎 We here to stay 🚀🔥😎 I'm real ,, building loyalty community 💪🏻🙏 Road map ,website , Rewards and every success along will make it together A N D FOREVER ❤️ Join our social TG , X 💎🚀🔥 To the whole universe 🪐🪐🪐🪐 🔥💎🌎❤️🚀💪🏻💸🔥

22.0%114.54 SOL
12 txns/$325 vol
TrashTalkNFL Trash Talk

Get in on NFL $TrashTalk Now: The Ultimate Meme Coin for Football Fans! 🚀 Don't Miss Out on the Next Big Thing! 🚀 With the football season about to kick off, now is the perfect time to own NFL $TrashTalk – the meme coin that's set to skyrocket. Get in early and watch your investment soar as the hype of the season drives this coin to new heights. Why NFL $TrashTalk? Football Fanatic's Dream: Designed by football enthusiasts for football enthusiasts, NFL $TrashTalk is the perfect way to combine your love for the game with the thrill of cryptocurrency. Community-Driven: Join a vibrant community of fellow fans who love to trash talk, debate, and celebrate their favorite teams every Sunday. Weekly ATH Predictions: With the excitement of the NFL season, we predict a new All-Time High (ATH) every Sunday. The adrenaline on and off the field will drive this coin to the moon! Early Investor Advantage: Get in now while the market cap is low. If the coin hits a 65k market cap before the football season, it will launch on Raydium, positioning it for even greater growth. Exclusive Rewards: Special incentives and rewards for holders, making it not just an investment, but a full-on experience. How to Get NFL $TrashTalk: Buy on Dex Screener: Head over to Moonshot on Dex Screener and grab your coins at a bargain price before the season starts. Coin address: 6bpRW8EAmytttC5V9D81AxqVt6SsU9FyVw5qjREb7Dig. Join the Community: Follow us on social media and join our Telegram group to stay updated on all the latest news, updates, and trash talk. Be Part of the NFL $TrashTalk Revolution! The NFL season is about to start, and so is the biggest opportunity in the meme coin world. NFL $TrashTalk is poised to skyrocket with every touchdown, tackle, and triumph. Be a part of the movement and watch your investment grow alongside the excitement of the game. Buy NFL $TrashTalk Today and Ride the Hype to the Moon!

21.7%112.83 SOL
12 txns/$386 vol
DebateSleepy Debate

Who Needs a.i. voices when the real debate is gold. 🤣 😂

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Moonville, a small luxury town at high altitude built upon a floating rock. Only elite, diamond handed people have reservations to be permanent residents. Enjoy the ride and we hope to see you there!

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BULLERBullet Stole the Ear

Main Question of Humanity: why did the bullet steal the ear? Let's look at our investivation "How and why the Bullet Stole the Ear". This unique meme coin isn't just about finance; it's a conversation starter. The intriguing question sparks curiosity and engagement, making it a standout in the crowded crypto market. Subscribe to our X and telegram channel to help us carry out the investigation.

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BREAKOUTBreakout Token

Introducing the BREAKOUT Token, the official currency of! Designed for those who believe in breaking free and making massive gains, this innovative cryptocurrency powers your journey from confinement to liberation. Embrace the spirit of freedom and take charge of your financial future with BREAKOUT Token—your key to breaking out and getting out there!

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ABSAngry Birds

$ABS, a meme coin commemorating the legendary Angry Birds game .

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