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Created through the Staccs exploit on PF. 23%+ burned as result. Ate a million dollar wick. What would Pepe do?

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ABOUT MOUTAI: $MOUTAI is no ordinary meme coin. $MOUTAI has its origins as a dedication (and fan club) to MOUTAI (or "Liquid Gold"), the most valuable brand in China, and the most premium liquor brand in the world (MOUTAI the MNC has a market cap of US$297 billion - larger than Coca Cola). However, $MOUTAI is not intended to be a tool for encouraging alcohol consumption (although 53% alcohol content is serious!) - instead, $MOUTAI is a movement of a community of fans of Moutai who have a mission of bridging East to West and West to East. There is no central team (this is a community coin) – only community leaders who live and breathe the Kissinger ethos of “I think if we drink enough MOUTAI, we can solve anything”. All our community hubs (including Telegram and X/Twitter welcome both Chinese language and English language speakers). $MOUTAI launch was fair, with no airdrops and (other than 1% of supply being dropped to the wallet of Bobby Apelrod an hour after he (after a few too many shots of Liquid Gold) posted that a Moutai coin should be created). THE MOUTAI FUND (and why you should care): 32.2% (and counting) of $MOUTAI supply is locked in a transparent multi-sig and utilised by the Moutai Fund for Moutai Fund initiatives that increase the awareness and value of $MOUTAI. Moutai Fund solves a number of “existential issues” that plague early-stage cryptocurrency projects (in particular in the “memecoin” space) which prevent an influx of “serious capital” from entering what is an attractive area for investment. First - by incentivising lock-ups by a significant number of early investors in the project, retail (and serious) capital can (more) comfortably invest without the overarching fear of early investors “dumping” on your heads at market-cap thresholds. Second - by providing (perpetual locked-in on-chain) distributions from each Moutai Fund initiative to (1) the risk takers from the MOUTAI FUND from the relevant initiative, (2) all LPs of the Moutai Fund (be they passive or active in the relevant investment), and (3) the MOUTAI DAO (i.e. the $MOUTAI marketing machine), whales are incentivised to be committed to $MOUTAI for the long term and the $MOUTAI community receive direct ongoing benefits from the funding of the MOUTAI DAO which works to actively market $MOUTAI. The genius of (3) is that this means that no “tokens” are required to be liquidated to fund ongoing market operations (as is typically the case in almost all cryptocurrencies) - instead, a self-sustaining marketing machine is funded by Moutai Fund, and the higher the market cap, the more distributions are received, and the more marketing is funded - a very interesting sustainable approach to a project. For serious investors - think of $MOUTAI as being a private equity fund “wrapped inside” a highly memeable “memecoin”, and a highly memeable memecoin being “wrapped inside” a self-sustaining marketing and investment machine private equity fund - the Moutai Fund. JOIN US: We welcome you to $MOUTAI, and encourage you to help us spread East to West, West to East, and - if you want a super fun mission - help us "flip the stock" (US$297 billion).

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